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Tony Ward

USMC veteran, furniture designer and builder

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I was born in Grafton, North Dakota. Both my grandfathers had a passion for woodworking, and I spent plenty of hours helping my dad build furniture from reclaimed barn wood (way before it was cool). I fell in love with woodworking in high school and got a job at a custom home building company where I learned finish carpentry. After highschool I attended college for a couple years before deciding to join the Marine Corp, where I spent a total of 5 ½ years. On my last deployment my unit was in Afghanistan, and on May 22, 2011 we were on a mission clearing villages when myself and 3 other Marines were wounded by an IED. A piece of shrapnel pierced my back and chest, but by the grace of God and the work of some extraordinary Marines I was saved. After being hospitalized for two weeks, I spent the next 2 years recovering before being medically retired from the Marine Corp. Shortly after I returned to my earlier trade, this time building cabinetry.

It’s been a lifelong dream to design and build custom furniture, crafting it uniquely for each customer, and for both you and I to experience the satisfaction of seeing an idea become a reality. In today’s world of computerized manufacturing it's more important than ever to create and build by hand. I truly believe that furniture needs to be built with an eye for quality rather than quantity, speed, or expense. My time in the Marines instilled in me a passion for excellence, and the years of learning from my grandfathers and dad gave me the skill. At Ward and Weston I create pieces that are crafted to stand the test of time. My hope is that what we create together will be passed on to coming generations.


Tony Ward


about the name

My mother’s maiden name is Weston, and my dad’s last name is Ward. Both of my grandfathers were farmers who enjoyed woodworking as a hobby, spending their spare time carving and  building furniture. I chose the name Ward and Weston as a way to honor their legacy.